2021-10-14 | 11:59 p.m.  
    Right To The Top, Spence  




Okay, previous purge done away with -- shit yeah, mind that gap of my non-Do What Thou Whilst Certificate-holding existence, a.k.a., "sans college degree", contrasting the years of yesterday's post to when synapses bait through the eyes to click on "PREVIOUS" -- it truly is a pleasure to be here on Diaryland again.

Uh Huh.

It is.


As in the way writers who are in the middle of Revision experience it. And man, am I ever in the middle of it.

This prequel screenplay I've just swiped out of on my gottdang iPhone?
Wowch . . .

This IS the movie I wanted to see summer of 1988, if prequels were a thing then.

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